25 Easy-to-Make Corn Bread Recipes

25 Easy-to-Make Corn Bread Recipes

Cornbread has been around for generations. Normally seen as a cake type of bread that is served with soups, chili’s and casseroles, it is time to learn new ways to enjoy an old favorite.

Cornbread is usually slightly sweet, with a texture all its own. Today we will learn new ways to prepare an old favorite. These recipes combine ingredients that would not normally be associated with cornbread, which is surprising since we have so many ways to up the flavor a few more notches when it comes to cornbread.

Delicious, filling and wonderfully filling, an old method is new again when combined with added flavors.

Is butter or oil better for cornbread?

Ultimately, it all comes down to what you prefer. If you’re all about that classic buttery flavor, go for butter. But if you want a more neutral taste and the ability to handle high heat, oil is the way to go.

What’s the difference between cornbread and Southern cornbread?

Classic cornbread is typically made with a combination of cornmeal, flour, sugar, eggs, milk and baking powder. It’s usually sweet and often served as a side dish.

Southern cornbread, on the other hand, is made with just cornmeal and water, and is often made in a skillet. It’s typically savory, and sometimes contains bacon grease or diced jalapeños.

What makes cornbread moist?

First and foremost, adding fat such as butter or oil will keep your cornbread moist and give it a rich flavor. Secondly, incorporating liquid ingredients like milk or buttermilk will help to hydrate the cornmeal and make it more tender.

Also, using a right amount of sugar helps to retain moisture and adds a subtle sweetness to the bread. Additionally, baking at the right temperature and for the appropriate amount of time is key to keep it from drying out.

1. Easy cornbread

Easy Cornbread
Easy Cornbread (from Eatlittlebird)

Cornbread is a staple for many households. Mine in particular, ever since I first tried it with butter and honey.

There are many versions of cornbread, this recipe is my favorite though because the bread comes out perfect every time. It is soft and not too crumbly.

2. Golden cornbread

Golden Cornbread
Golden Cornbread (from Quakeroats)

This recipe gives you a hearty cornbread that is moist and flavorful. The edges are just slightly crispy, in perfect contrast with the moist insides. This cornbread is perfect when served with barbecue.

3. Honey Butter Cornbread

Honey Butter Cornbread
Honey Butter Cornbread (from Tonisrecipes)

As a side dish, honey butter cornbread is the perfect dish to serve guests. This recipe gives you an easy to prepare, versatile and delicious cornbread that will impress everyone.

Honey is the important part of any cornbread and this one the honey makes it flavored perfectly.

4. The Best Vegan Cornbread

The best vegan cornbread
The best vegan cornbread (from Noracooks)

This vegan cornbread is one I use everytime I make chili. Obviously, it is a vegan recipe, which makes it perfect for vegan chili.

Other cornbread recipes that I have used came out dry and I needed to dunk the cornbread into soup to make it palatable, NOT with this one. It is perfect!

5. Sour Cream Cornbread

Sour Cream Cornbread
Sour Cream Cornbread (from Landolakes)

Adding sour cream to the cornbread batter is a genius idea. It makes the cornbread moist and super delicious.

This cornbread comes out with a nice balance to it and it is actually quite easy to make.

6. Mexican Cornbread

Mexican cornbread
Mexican cornbread (from Wellplated)

This is a play on the classic Southern Style cornbread. It is super flavorful and moist. What makes this recipe so special is that it contains spices, cheese and honey right in the mix. There is no reason to add more when it is incorporated right in the dish.

7. Classic Cornbread

Cornbread (from Greatbritishchefs)

This is the classic version of cornbread. This is similar to the one originally made by the Native Americans in America.

Once you bake up this recipe, it is the perfect cornbread to lightly grill or fry up with a little butter for afternoon tea.

8. Decadent Vegan Chocolate Cornbread Waffles

Decadent vegan chocolate cornbread waffles
Decadent vegan chocolate cornbread waffles (from Homecooknblog)

To be a fan of cornbread makes you a smart eater, when you are a fan of chocolate cornbread, it makes you even better. Now make that chocolate cornbread into waffles for a special breakfast or afternoon snack and it is the perfect slice of heaven.

This cornbread is decadent, chocolatey and slightly sweet.

9. Brown Butter Bacon Cornbread

Brown butter bacon cornbread
Brown butter bacon cornbread (from Oliviascuisine)

This recipe brings cornbread to a whole new level. It takes a plain and delicious slice of cornbread to the next level by using browned butter and bacon in the batter.

The brown butter alone makes this savory and a slight bit salty. Add bacon to it and it is super savory and yummy!

10. Chocolate Chip Cornbread Muffins

Chocolate chip cornbread muffins
Chocolate chip cornbread muffins (from Wellreadtart)

This recipe will give your taste buds and your tongue a classic workout. First, you get the great gritty texture of the cornbread, but along with that you also have the smooth chocolate mixed in.

This recipe reminded me of a restaurant we would go to when I was younger, alas it is no more. So memories helped to create this delight that makes a great breakfast as well as a perfect snack at any time.

11. Healthyish Coconut Oil Cornbread

Healthyish coconut oil cornbread
Healthyish coconut oil cornbread (from Brewinghappiness)

This cornbread is sweet, buttery and healthier than most. It is gluten-free and low in carbs.

Made with coconut oil, you can eat what you want of this cornbread and not feel guilty for eating more than one. The taste is even better than I remembered from my childhood.

12. Cornbread Cake

Cornbread cake
Cornbread cake (from Thecozyapron)

This is one that will surprise everyone. It has the great taste of buttery cornbread, but is sweet and moist like a cake. When it is combined, it makes the perfect cake.

There is only a hint of cornbread in the batter and a larger hint of buttermilk to keep this super moist and yummy.

13. Cornbread Muffins with Chocolate Chips and Strawberry Jam

Cornbread muffins with chocolate chips and strawberry jam
Cornbread muffins with chocolate chips and strawberry jam (from Intheflours)

So this recipe came about as I was making breakfast for the young ones. I had everyone screaming for different things to eat, this gave me an idea to try something I had never tried before.

These moist cornbread muffins are great for breakfast, but they just looked like they were missing something. So tossing in the chocolate chips made it a bit better. Then I added a spoon of strawberry jam on top of the muffin before baking. All I can say is WOW!

14. Chocolate Cornbread with Buttermilk Frosting

Chocolate cornbread with buttermilk frosting
Chocolate cornbread with buttermilk frosting (from Julieandjessecook)

When you crave healthy treats and yet want something chocolate and delicious dessert this is the recipe for you.

There is a small amount of cornmeal in the batter so this is not going to have the ‘gritty’ texture that normally is associated with cornbread. However, there is just enough to give the slight texture and flavor of the cornbread.

15. Cornbread Cake with Blackberry Compote and Mascarpone Whipped Cream

Cornbread cake with blackberry compote and mascarpone whipped cream
Cornbread cake with blackberry compote and mascarpone whipped cream (from Cakebycourtney)

This one is hard to describe properly, only because it defies all things food. This is definitely cornbread cake, but I topped it with a Mascarpone whipped topping and then garnished with the delightful flavor of blackberries. This taste combination is not to be matched.

16. Vanilla Sage Cornbread

Vanilla-sage cornbread
Vanilla-sage cornbread (from Stephaniemormina)

This cornbread is soft, slightly sweet and yet has sage to give it a spicy savory flavor. What is surprising is that you cannot even tell there is much cornmeal within the cake.

Those that enjoy cornbread are going to enjoy the light cornbread flavor in this super moist cornbread.

17. Cornbread Pudding

Cornbread pudding
Cornbread pudding (from Whollycupcake)

I grew up loving bread pudding. So when I grew up and found a love for cornbread I just knew I had to combine it.

This cornbread pudding is the perfect flavored bread pudding. It is soft, as bread pudding should be and filled with flavor that is not normally found in bread pudding, such as cardamom.

This is a definite keeper.

18. Buttery Maple Skillet Cornbread

Buttery maple skillet cornbread
Buttery maple skillet cornbread (from Flavorthemoments)

A delicious cornbread with the edges that are just perfectly crispy. This is a tender and fluffy cornbread recipe that is not common where I live.

This cornbread has a hint of sweetness, the great taste of butter and maple syrup and is the perfect cornbread to lightly grill for a breakfast.

19. Skillet Cornbread

Skillet cornbread
Skillet cornbread (from Countryliving)

This cornbread should be served right in the skillet, fresh out of the oven. It comes from a friend who watches a cooking show.

This one surprised me with the fresh ground black pepper on the top. But, I went one better, I made a light sweet glaze to drizzle over the top and it made the flavor of the cornbread and the pepper pop out.

20. Apple Cornbread

Apple cornbread
Apple cornbread (from Christinebailey)

Here is a simple gluten-free cornbread recipe that also uses an apple puree that is slightly sweet and adds a ton of flavor to the cornbread.

This is a simple and quick recipe that is super easy to make, super flavorful and won’t stick around long.

21. Cornbread with Caramelized Apples and Onions

Cornbread with caramelized apples and onions
Cornbread with caramelized apples and onions (from Epicurious)

When I first heard of this I gasped, then I realized it would not be the first time I had had the combination of caramelized apples and onions. It was one of those flavors you cannot forget, highly memorable and delicious.

This is another one that is best made in a cast iron skillet. Make the onions and apples in the skillet first and then bake it all together in the skillet.

22. Cornbread Waffles

Cornbread waffles
Cornbread waffles (from Scotmaplefoods)

No better breakfast food than waffles, in my opinion. So when I decided to try to make the cornbread waffles, I cannot say I was surprised.

The corn meal used is not in a large quantity, just enough to give you the great cornbread taste. These are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, the way a waffle is meant to be.

23. Honey Brown Butter Pumpkin Cornbread

Honey brown butter pumpkin cornbread
Honey brown butter pumpkin cornbread (from Thegoldlininggirl)

This is the original recipe that surprised me immensely!

The outcome is so moist, so fluffy and nothing like a gritty texture I had previously had. This cornbread has the perfect amount of sweetness and flavor to it to make it my new favorite!

24. Roasted Sweet Corn Cornbread

Roasted sweet corn cornbread
Roasted sweet corn cornbread (from Macheesmo)

My first memory of cornbread should have involved this one! I probably would have fallen in love with cornbread decades ago.

The fresh roasted sweet corn makes this cornbread just what it sounds like. A quick bread filled with fresh corn. This cornbread comes out light, versus the heavier cornbread many grew up on.

25. Pepper Jack Cornbread

Pepper jack cornbread
Pepper jack cornbread (from Kowalskis)

Finally, a recipe that is light and fluffy and has slight spicy heat to it. Not enough for one to scream, but the addition of shredded Pepper Jack Cheese is a phenomenal addition that I wish I had thought of before.

The addition of jalapeno pepper slices adds to the heat and the flavor. This is definitely one to enjoy.