Fruit salad recipes

30 Refreshing Fruit Salad Recipes For Summer

Fruit Salads are meant to be light and refreshing. These great ideas can be made with all fruit, some may have a custard or pudding, and some may include some vegetables.

They are perfect for the summertime, and even better during the cold winter times. A little bit of colorful fruit can warm you up when all you see is snow and ice.

Fruit Salad also makes a great food to bring to office parties, Holiday parties or celebrations and picnics.

1. Adam Liaw’s Summer Fruit Salad

Adam Liaw's summer fruit salad
Adam Liaw’s Summer Fruit Salad (from Good Food)

Some people like a mix of all colors, this fruit salad is simple which makes it look elegant with Basic yellow, orange and red fruit.

They all blend well and look gorgeous on a decorative circle of cream.

2. Fruit salad

Fruit salad
Fruit Salad (from Yummy Tummy)

Fruit Salads are considered to be super healthy, they look gorgeous and taste great.

This salad is a combination of a variety of fruits such as guava, muskmelon, pineapple and a red apple and a green apple. When you leave the skin on the apple, the fruit salad is even more colorful.

3. Summer Fruit Salad

Summer fruit salad
Summer Fruit Salad (from Green Healthy Cooking)

The key to a great fruit salad is to use the fruit that is in season at the time. However, there will be times you have to go out of season also.

This salad has a slew of tasty and sweet fruits, all diced up and ready to be eaten. This recipe suggests at least 8 fruits to a fruit salad.

4. Yummy Fruit salad

Fruit salad
Fruit Salad (from Two Peas & Their Pod)

This yummy and colorful fruit salad has a great Citrus Poppy seed dressing that will make you fall in love all over again.

A wide variety of fruit, in all different colors, topped with chopped mint leaves. It is perfect!

5. Tropical Fruit Salad

Tropical fruit salad
Tropical Fruit Salad (from Real Simple)

A great fruit will also include some tropical fruit. This salad however, relies on the tropical blend of papaya, pineapple, kiwi, two types of coconut and even more.

The combination of fruit is excellent and should be bottled!

6. Ambrosia Salad

Ambrosia salad
Ambrosia Salad (from Insanely Good Recipes)

You can not have a list of fruit salad complete if Ambrosia is not on the list.

Ambrosia is a classic, much loved and much desired blend of fruits and coconut all folded into a whipped topping.

However, there are many variations to an Ambrosia salad.

7. Stone Fruit Salad

Stone fruit salad
Stone Fruit Salad (from Downshiftology)

Unlike the Children’s story, we will not be making this using stones.

What this means is that we will, however, use fruits that do have stones. Peaches, nectarines, grapes and plums.

This will all be combined with a Vanilla Honey syrup, to make it extraordinary.

8. Christmas Fruit Salad

Christmas fruit salad
Christmas Fruit Salad (from The Recipe Critic)

Using just green and red fruits, peelings included on the apples, this is the perfect Fruit Salad for the Christmas Holidays, if you want to stay in color.

Look for the freshest fruit when it comes to a salad such as this. With a little bit of honey and lime juice it is so tasty and refreshing!

9. Fruit Salad using Leftover Fruit and Simple Syrup

Fresh fruit salad using leftover fruit and simple syrup
Fresh Fruit Salad Using Leftover Fruit And Simple Syrup (from The Cookie Writer)

It is almost impossible to keep fruit fresh for any period of time.

This fruit salad gives you a way to use up the fruit that needs to be eaten soon or tossed. No one can afford to do the tossing aspect in any economy.

This does not matter how much fruit you have in your home, combine it and use a simple syrup.

10. Spinach Fruit Salad

Spinach fruit salad recipe
Spinach Fruit Salad Recipe (from Primavera Kitchen)

Nothing looks more attractive than fresh and colorful fruit combined with the green leaves of spinach.

This is a fruit salad that you would not expect to taste great, but surprise!

11. Creamy Yogurt Fresh Fruit Salad

Creamy yogurt fresh fruit salad recipe
Creamy Yogurt Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe (from Six Sister’s Stuff)

This creamy concoction can use any fruit that is in season, you can also make one with fruits that are out of season and it will taste great.

Combined with Vanilla yogurt, lemon juice and lime juice, you can’t go wrong with this treat!

12. Old Fashioned Fruit Salad

Old fashioned frozen fruit salad
Old Fashioned Frozen Fruit Salad (from Cleverly Simple)

This is the version that so many generations have grown up eating. All you need is walnuts, cream cheese, whipped topping and strawberries.

Although it should be known that any fruit could be used. This is a frozen version that will be sure to cool you down on those hot summer days.

13. Fruit Salad with Whipped Cream

Fruit salad with whipped cream
Fruit Salad With Whipped Cream (from Little Sunny Kitchen)

This is similar to an Ambrosia Salad, but it is not the same.

This salad will use apples, grapes, strawberries and bananas and then combine them with marshmallows and whipped topping.

14. Easy Tropical Fruit Salad

Easy tropical fruit salad
Easy Tropical Fruit Salad (from Good Life Eats)

This is the perfect variety of Tropical fruits combined in a light and refreshing fruit salad that is perfect for summer or anytime.

Topped with some shredded coconut, after a light spritz of lemon or lime juice, this fruit salad will have you coming back for more.

15. Waldorf salad

Waldorf salad
Waldorf Salad (from Jo Cooks)

If I recall, this fruit salad became famous due to being served at the famous Waldorf Hotel.

It is truly a classic American Salad that is packed with chicken, apples and grapes, pears and a creamy and tasty dressing.

16. Strawberry Spring Salad with Pecans and Feta

Strawberry spring salad with pecans and feta
Strawberry Spring Salad With Pecans And Feta (from Dana’s Table)

A light and very refreshing Strawberry salad made with mixed baby greens and walnuts.

Give it a dose of crumbled Feta cheese and a light and tasty dressing and you have flavor galore.

17. Strawberry Chicken Salad with Strawberry Balsamic Dressing

Strawberry chicken salad with strawberry balsamic dressing
Strawberry Chicken Salad (from The Recipe Critic)

When the time comes that you do not know what you want, this is the fruit salad you should try.

It will put a smile on your face and leave you feeling refreshed. Toss it all together with Goat Cheese crumbles, Dried Cranberries and Almonds and the salad doe it all!

18. Savory Stone Fruit Quinoa Salad

Savory stone fruit quinoa salad
Savory Stone Fruit Quinoa Salad (from Fork in the Road)

With quinoa, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, peaches and some herbs this is a fruit salad that will certainly be a good surprise.

With a light lemon dressing to go over the top, you will ask for seconds.

19. Broccoli Strawberry Salad

Broccoli strawberry salad
Broccoli strawberry salad (from Lil luna)

A delightful Salad made with broccoli, cheese and strawberries in a light and creamy sauce.

This is the perfect salad for those Holiday Office parties, Church gatherings and family celebrations.

20. Frozen Cranberry Salad

Frozen cranberry salad
Frozen Cranberry Salad (from Shugary Sweets)

A delightfully cold fruit salad that combines cranberries, bananas, marshmallows and pineapple along with a creamy whipped topping and then frozen to cool you down on those hot days.

The combination of cranberry sauce and sweet fruit will send your tongue into laughter.

21. Oriental Fruit Salad

Oriental fruit salad
Oriental Fruit Salad (from Woolworths)

This is one that many generations will remember if they ever ate at the Woolworth’s Lunch counter.

Mango, pineapple and kiwi, with slices of passion fruit combined together with mint leaves and a little juice. That is all she needs.

22. Fruit Salad Recipe

Fruit salad recipe
Fruit Salad Recipe (from Dassana’s Veg Recipes)

Simple, healthy, delicious and juicy. Should there be any other way to describe a fruit salad? This is one for the history books. Pomegranate and an assortment of other juicy, mostly red fruits will be on your table often after you try this delight.

23. Filipino Fruit Salad

Filipino fruit salad
Filipino Fruit Salad (from Foxy Folksy)

This fruit salad dessert is a staple on most every Filipino table over the holidays. It is super cold and refreshing, it can be frozen to make it even more special.

The classic Filipino fruit salad needs only three ingredients to make it right. Canned fruit cocktail, sweetened condensed milk and cream.

When brought together this is truly a treat.

24. Easy Winter Fresh Fruit Salad

Easy winter fresh fruit salad
Easy Winter Fresh Fruit Salad (from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe)

Made with fruits that are in season, this fruit salad is as delicious as it is pretty.

Many variations for this recipe include canned fruit also.

With a wide variety of fruits such as mandarin oranges, kiwi, grapes, apples and more, this fruit salad is the only one you may ever need.

25. Melon Fruit Salad with Honey Yogurt Dressing

Melon fruit salad with honey yogurt dressing
Melon Fruit Salad With Honey Yogurt Dressing (from Buy This Cook That)

A whole pick of fresh fruit to go into this delicious bowl of yummy!

When it is combined with a Greek Honey Yogurt, the taste cannot be matched anywhere at any time. Fresh and delightful, as well as healthy.

26. Cucumber Avocado and Watermelon Fruit Salad

Cucumber avocado watermelon salad
Cucumber Avocado Watermelon Salad (from Heartbeet Kitchen)

This is an easy fruit salad that is the definition of Summer.

Large chunks of watermelon, Sliced cucumber and sliced of Avocado make each flavor come alive in this fruit Salad.

This salad is bright and refreshing with just a slight crunch and a whole lot of WOW!

27. Berry Quinoa Salad

Berry quinoa salad
Berry Quinoa Salad (from Two Peas & Their Pod)

With an assortment of berries, almonds, some herbs and a simple dressing that is all that is needed for the perfect side or dessert to any meal year round.

The berry taste all combines and pops when it comes together with walnuts. It is perfection on a plate.

28. Grape Salad

Grape salad
Grape Salad (from Gonna Want Seconds)

A simple fruit salad with a combination of red and green grapes, walnuts, a brown sugar topping and all in a sweet and tangy dressing.

Sounds like a strange combination, however, those are the combinations that work best. Enjoy!!

29. Poached Fruit with Honey Yogurt and Pistachios

Poached fruits with honey yoghurt & pistachios
Poached Fruits With Honey Yoghurt And pistachios (from Woolworths)

As if we needed a way to increase the health aspect of a fruit salad! T

oss in some pistachios and make a creamy base of honey yogurt dressing and there is nothing else like it in the world.

30. Strawberry Fluff Salad

Strawberry fluff salad
Strawberry fluff salad (from Simply Stacie)

Strawberry fluff salad is perfectly pink, perfectly delightful and perfectly tasty!

Sliced Strawberries and also strawberry pie filling in a combination of cool whip, sweetened condensed milk, sour cream and pineapples together should be called heaven.

I guess that must wait until the marshmallows are tossed in and then we call it Fluff Salad.