20 Hearty Ham Soup Recipes for Cold Winter Evenings

20 Hearty Ham Soup Recipes for Cold Winter Evenings

Ham is one of those foods that when you make one ham, you can be guaranteed to have plenty of meat leftover.

When it comes to Ham there are so many different types of soups that can be made from it. They can use vegetables, beans, a combination or just one type.

Either way, ham is tasty and filling and will turn into one of the best soups you could make.

1. Creamy Potato Soup with Ham

Creamy potato soup with ham
Creamy Potato Soup With Ham (from The Spruce Eats)

Warm and satisfying are the two words that describe this soup perfectly. The soup has a cream base that adds an extra boost of flavor to the ham and vegetables.

This recipe will give you two different options as to how you make it.

2. Pea, Leek and Ham Soup Recipe

Pea, leek and ham soup recipe
Pea, Leek And Ham Soup Recipe (from Real Food Tesco)

Pea soup with ham is a classic combination that has been around for generations.

This flavorful, and savory soup is made into a new version by adding leeks to the soup. The extra flavor in this recipe is even possibly going to make the little ones fall in love with the flavor

3. Creamy Ham and Bean Soup

Creamy ham & bean soup (crockpot or stovetop
Creamy Ham And Bean Soup (Crockpot Or Stovetop) (from Garlic Salt And Lime)

This is one of the versatile recipes that can be made on the stovetop or in the slow cooker.

Bean and ham soup is another generational classic. It is filling, delicious and full of fiber. This particular recipe calls for two types of beans, which makes it extra satisfying.

4. Split Pea Soup with Ham

Split pea soup with ham
Split Pea Soup With Ham (from The View From Great Island)

This is the one many of us ate when we were kids, we did not appreciate the savory flavors then but now, we can’t get enough.

This recipe comes out super creamy and tasty with the yellow onion and carrots in the soup.

5. Ham Soup Recipe

Ham soup recipe
Ham Soup Recipe (from Izzy Cooking)

This is a recipe that will turn those leftovers from your Sunday Ham dinner into a pleasant and perfect soup for chilly evenings.

This ham soup recipe has carrots, celery, potatoes and onions with chunks of ham. A perfect dish to serve up for your family.

6. Ham and Lentil Soup

Ham and lentil soup
Ham And Lentil Soup (from Women’s Weekly Food)

Lentils are a type of bean that does not get enough recognition in the world. Lentils are packed with nutrition and fiber, but more so with a flavor that can’t be beat.

This soup is seasoned perfectly with Basil and Garlic and is large enough to provide lunch during the week.

7. Ham and Potato Soup

Homemade ham and potato soup recipe
HoHomemade Ham And Potato Soup Recipe (from Billy Parisi)

A creamy ham and potato recipe that is a perfect soup for winter nights.

Sitting by a warm fire with a bowl of soup will warm you inside and out. Super creamy with the perfect amount of vegetables.

8. Turkey, Ham and Spinach Broth

Turkey, ham and spinach broth
Turkey, Ham And Spinach Broth (from Good Housekeeping)

A perfect combination soup that is both satisfying and wonderfully filling. Seasoned perfectly, loaded with vegetables, turkey and ham.

There is absolutely nothing to NOT like with this soup.

9. Ham and Pumpkin Soup

Ham and pumpkin soup
Ham And Pumpkin Soup (from Whole Natural Kitchen)

This soup came as a surprise to me. It was not one that I had thought of and I am shocked.

This pumpkin soup with ham is so hard to describe, only because there are not enough positive words!

Pumpkin is one of those ingredients that when cooked make you feel warm all over.

10. Slow Cooker Ham Bone Soup

Slow cooker ham bone soup
Slow Cooker Ham Bone Soup (from The Blond Cook)

If there was just one soup that was comforting, this would have to be the one.

With white beans, potatoes and carrots with the ham, there is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of this soup.

11. Easy White Bean And Ham Soup

Easy white bean and ham soup
Easy White Bean And Ham Soup (from Jawns I Cooked)

Flavor, fiber and delicious fun all rolled up and simmered into a pot of perfection.

Cannellini beans in a creamy broth along with the rest of the ham dinner that was left. This is comfort food at its finest.

12. Ham and Cheese Soup

Ham and cheese soup
Ham And Cheese Soup (from Chocolate Moosey)

This is a great ham and cheese soup that had no potatoes in this recipe.

It makes a perfect one pot meal on a busy night. Cheese makes everything better right?

This Is a big bowl of creamy delicious yummy cheese.

13. Pea and Ham Soup

Pea and ham soup
Pea And Ham Soup (from Wool Worths)

If you ever were lucky enough to eat at a counter top dine in a store, then you should know this soup.

This is a chunkier version of pea and ham. It is a knock off recipe that was tweaked just enough to add a special touch of flavor that was missing.

14. Cheesy Ham and Potato Soup

Cheesy ham and potato soup
Cheesy Ham And Potato Soup (from Lil Luna)

This is a simple soup that is super yummy and delicious. Complete with ham, cheese, potatoes and scallions.

This is the soup to curl up and watch the snowfall while eating. Colorful and flavorful in one single bowl.

15. Polish Ham Soup Recipe

Polish ham soup recipe
Polish Ham Soup Recipe (from Polish Foodies)

A bowl of warmth and comfort awaits you with this Polish version of a classic soup.

This is pork and ham simmered in a steaming pot of vegetables, seasoning and spices.

The aroma is enough to warm you, the flavor is phenomenal.

16. Ham and Harvest Green Tomato Soup

Ham & harvest green tomato soup
Ham And Harvest Green Tomato Soup (from Goats And Greens)

Normally we could complain about losing green tomatoes with an early frost, not this time.

This recipe was a great find at the right time. I love the flavor of the green tomatoes, along with the turnip greens, which could be kale if you choose.

So many great garden harvest flavors together.

17. Creamy Ham and Cheese Cauliflower Soup

Creamy ham and cheese cauliflower soup
Creamy Ham And Cheese Cauliflower Soup (from Will Cook For Smiles)

Creamy, comforting and full of delicious cauliflower. The taste is lighter than this soup when it has potatoes in place of the cauliflower.

This is perfect when you need to cut the carbs down for your health.

18. Creamy Slow Cooker Ham and Potato Soup

Creamy slow cooker ham and potato soup
Creamy Slow Cooker Ham And Potato Soup (from Lemon Blossoms)

I absolutely love foods that are colorful. For some reason, they just seem more fun to eat.

Load the ingredients in the morning and let the slow cooker do the cooking for you. The classic corn, carrots, potatoes, onion and ham in a creamy soup base with easy cooking and clean-up.

19. Potato, Ham, Broccoli, Cheese and Baby Dumplings Soup

Potato, ham, broccoli and cheese soup with baby dumplings
Potato, Ham, Broccoli And Cheese Soup With Baby Dumplings (from All Recipes)

When the weather is nasty, freezing and the type that you do not want to leave the house for any reason, this is the soup to make.

Dinner is done, dinner is perfect. It is warm and comforting, delicious and daring with the baby dumplings to give the next level of perfection.

20. Delicious Instant Pot Ham and Potato Soup

Delicious instant pot ham and potato soup recipe
Delicious Instant Pot Ham And Potato Soup Recipe (from Winding Creek Ranch)

This is the ham soup to make when you are running low on time.

The same great flavor as the soup you simmer, but done in far less time. Carrots, ham and potatoes with corn make a full meal in one bowl.

Delightful, comforting and filling.