15 Best Key Lime Pie Recipes

15 Best Key Lime Pie Recipes

Key Lime Pie is the perfect blend of sweetness and the aromatic flavors of key lime. It is an American dessert from the state of Key West, Florida.

The main notes of a Key Lime Pie are a cracker crust, key limes, condensed milk, and a whole lot of whipping cream on top.

Here are 15 Key lime pie recipes for you to ENJOY!!!!

1. Classic Key Lime Pie

Classic Key Lime Pie
Classic Key Lime Pie (from Live Well Bake Often)

A traditional Key Lime Pie recipe has a baked, rich butter and graham cracker crust. Although it takes quite an effort to prepare the dessert, its creamy sweetness and zest are all worth it.

The crust contains a filling of delicious condensed milk and key lime juice. This dessert is light but rich at the same time, perfect for the summer!

I recommend using fresh lime juice for enhanced flavors and homemade whipped cream for the best taste. Enjoy your dessert!

2. Chocolate Key Lime Pie

Chocolate Key Lime Pie
Chocolate Key Lime Pie (from Carnation)

A regular key lime pie with a coca twist is all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. The golden crumb crust is completely covered, with the smack of cocoa powder covering every inch.

The smooth and flavorful filling is whipped out of condensed milk, double cream, key lime juice, and zest. Don’t forget to grate your pie with a light dusting of chocolate shavings and lime zest.

This will be the best pie you’ll ever make, and your family will love it!

3. Next Level Vegan Key Lime Pie

Next Level Vegan Key Lime Pie
Next Level Vegan Key Lime Pie (from Gretchens Vegan Bakery)

Key lime pie has long been a gourmet dessert favorite of foodies. But the vegan version will win your vegan friend’s heart.

Every ingredient is 100% vegan and tastes exactly like the original, which is creamy, sweet, and zesty. The vegan graham cracker crust, vegan condensed milk, and vegan whipped cream make this recipe so much healthier, lighter, and refreshing.

I cannot imagine a better way to live through the summers than with this amazing, nourishing, and tasty key lime pie.

4. Lazy Girl No Bake Key Lime Pie

Lazy Girl No Bake Key Lime Pie
Lazy Girl No Bake Key Lime Pie (from Lifestyle of a Foodie)

Are you lazy, my folk? If so, this no-bake key lime pie is “the match made in the kitchen” for you. It’s easy and simple to make, and it’s going to be an ultimate success.

The recipe is quite similar to the no-bake cheesecake, but with a ton of tangy key lime juice and fresh key lime zest. It will be a flavor blast with every spoonful you take.

This easy summer no-bake key lime recipe is going to be your all-rounder, keeping you cool while enjoying the glacé treats.

5. Key Lime Pie Bars

Key Lime Pie Bars
Key Lime Pie Bars (from Kitchen-by-the-sea)

This recipe is a fusion of Classical Key Lime Pie wrapped into the silhouette of citrusy bars.

It’s filled with all the mindblowing flavors but with way less struggle. It pairs crunchy graham cracker crust with rich lime curd. To enhance the flavors, add grounded pecans and a touch of cinnamon to the crust.

The Key Lime Bars are the perfect springtime dessert for feeding the crowd.

Just do not forget to top the bars with sweet whipped cream for perfection in every bite.

6. The Best Chilled Crumbl Key Lime Pie Cookies

The Best Chilled Crumbl Key Lime Pie Cookies
Chilled Crumbl Key Lime Pie Cookies (from Lifestyle of a Foodie)

It’s the cookie take on the Key Lime Pie recipe, which tastes insanely delicious. The buttery graham cracker base cookie with the strong tangy flavor of Key Lime Pie filling will melt in your mouth.

To make your cookies insta-worthy, top the cookie with a dash of whipped cream, sprinkle lime zest over it, and garnish it with a Key Lime wedge.

Once you get to the homemade version of Crumbl Copycat cookies, you’ll forget the original ones. Let us get on with the recipe!

7. Key Lime Cheesecake

Key Lime Cheesecake
Key Lime Cheesecake (from Simply Recipes)

Key Lime Cheesecake recipe is where Florida meets New York. It’s the blend of Key lime dessert with yummy cheesecake, all in one creating a perfect balance.

This homemade version is going to be miraculously delicious. It is all about the layers of holiness, made with a crumbly graham cracker crust, creamy cheesecake with fruity notes of Key Lime Pie, topped with sour cream and whipped cream, and a light zest sprinkle.

This recipe is the best thing you’ll make and never regret!

8. Key Lime Pie with Coconut Macaroon Crust

Key Lime Pie with Coconut Macaroon Crust
Key Lime Pie with Coconut Macaroon Crust (from Two Peas & Their Pod)

The coconut macaroon crust is the featured ingredient of this Key lime pie recipe. It’s a twist on Floridian Key lime pie. The coconut and lime combo is the unique flavor you will experience.

The macaroon crust is pressed with coconut mixture giving it a nice chewy texture, and packed with sweet and tangy key lime filling.

Mark my words! This is the kind of recipe that’s going to be on the list of your most demanded recipes throughout the year, it’s that good. Let’s get started?

9. Mini Key Lime Pies

Mini Key Lime Pies
Mini Key Lime Pies (from Amanda’s Cookin)

The recipe is all Key lime pie, just the mini version. It holds the same flavor as the classic silky and smooth key lime filling, with a golden crust, and notes of honey and vanilla.

This chilled summer dessert can be baked in a simple muffin tray and takes no time. Mini desserts are always kitchen friendly and easy to make.

After appetizing meals, have something refreshing like mini key lime pies on get-to-gathers this warm season.

Try this mini Key Lime Pie recipe and enjoy.

10. Real Florida Key Lime Pie

Real Florida Key Lime Pie
Real Florida Key Lime Pie (from My Gourmet Connection)

This recipe is the most legitimate and original Florida Key lime pie recipe you will ever find.

Not too sweet, not too sharp and tangy. It has the right amount of flavors with every spoonful.

It has a graham cracker crust with notes of cinnamon, and the filling is a mixture of condensed milk, egg yolks, and Key lime juice. Using freshly squeezed Key lime juice is the KEY to flavorful pie.

This Florida Key Lime Pie is always an ideal way to finish off your meals!

11. Key Lime Pie Popsicles

Key Lime Pie Popsicles
Key Lime Pie Popsicles (from Del’s Cooking Twist)

For cool summer feels, this popsicle version of key lime is your treat for the season. It is a simple 3 ingredient recipe, easy to make, and super chilled.

You can make the gluten-free version as well. This is the same as the Key lime pie thing, it is just trapped into a popsicle and is enjoyed frozen.

It’s milky with a strong zesty flavor of Key limes and cracker crumbs all over.

Beat the Heat with these popsicles on hot summer days!

12. Gluten Free Key Lime Pie

Gluten Free Key Lime Pie
Gluten Free Key Lime Pie (from Healthful Blondie)

The gluten-free key lime pie is the lightened-up and healthier version of classical Floridian key lime pie.

Its homemade butter-infused graham cracker crust with the key lime flavored filling made of creek yogurt and cream cheese is just delicious.

This recipe may be the gluten-free version, but I promise you won’t be missing on any flavors. Want to enjoy the gluten-free key lime pie?

This is it, so grab your limes, and let’s get bakin’! This is going to be your show-stopper dessert at a dinner party. Good Luck!

13. Key Lime Cupcakes

Key Lime Cupcakes
Key Lime Cupcakes (from Easy Dessert Recipes)

New to baking? No worries. This moist Key Lime Cupcake recipe is all that you need to get started!

These airy and soft muffins are filled with a vanilla pudding filling, frosted with fluffy and sour key lime-infused buttercream, and crowned with a fresh lime wedge for a glamorous look.

For every time you want a little bit of tangy Key lime fun in your life, bake these cupcakes! A lovely mix of textures in every bite.

Every bite will take you to Florida. Dig in!

14. Keto Key Lime Pie

Keto Key Lime Pie
Keto Key Lime Pie (from Wholesome Yum)

The keto key lime pie is the sugar-free version of the original key lime pie. If you love everything lime and refreshing and are also health conscious, then try this keto recipe.

This super-cool, creamy recipe takes very little time and a few ingredients to prepare. It is the same as a regular key lime pie, but with textured almond flour, sugar, and carb-free yumminess.

Do not forget to garnish it with lime zest and keto whipped cream. Keeping your health and sweet cravings in check.

15. Key Lime Pie Fudge

Key Lime Pie Fudge
Key Lime Pie Fudge (from Love Bakes Good Cakes)

This key lime pie fudge is inspired by classical key lime pie, but it is made in bite-sized pieces.

The fudge mixture is pure heaven, made up of rich vanilla baking chips, heavy condensed milk, fresh lime zest, and fresh lime juice. You can enjoy it with the crust or without it; the choice is yours.

If you want to go with the crust, I recommend pressing the fudge into the crust to help the crumbs stick better. There’s going to be a flavor explosion in your mouth, kicking your taste buds.

The sweetness of vanilla baking chips, the tanginess of key lime juice, and the crunch of Graham cracker crumbs.

Final Thoughts

These are the perfect summertime desserts. All these recipes are the easiest to make, and you can always make them before time to enjoy the chilled goodness. Bake Key Lime everything!!!!!