21 Easy Persimmon Recipes for Any Home Cook

As a member of the berry family, the Persimmon is a delicate tasting fruit. Reminiscent of the cantaloupe, the flavor is subtle and therefore can be used in any number of dishes.

They are another fruit that is loaded with Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but that is neither here nor there, as the Persimmon is one of those fruits that are highly popular and yet, not enough people know about the delicious flavor these fruits have.

They are one of those versatile ingredients that are so easy to work with. They add their own flavor and still adapt to other flavors.

1. Persimmon Salad

Persimmon Salad
Persimmon Salad (from A Nourishing Plate)

Persimmons are the perfect addition to any salad. This is the one to make if you are going for the gusto and trying out new foods.

This is the perfect refreshing salad, filled with flavor, and nutrition. However, I would suggest that you use the FUYU Persimmon, it will hold its shape and hold up to the dressing when it is added.

You want the persimmon to be slightly firm, yet somewhat tender and soft. The FUYU is the Persimmon that works best.

2. Persimmon Bacon Bites with Rosemary Goat Cheese

Persimmon Bacon Bites With Rosemary Goat Cheese
Persimmon Bacon Bites With Rosemary Goat Cheese (from A Calculated Whisk)

When you are looking for the perfect appetizer, with very few ingredients, this is the one that you need to try.

It is not the usual boring appetizer, this is something super special! The flavor of creamy Goat Cheese, combined with the subtle flavor of Persimmon Fruit wrapped up in the great taste of bacon.

With Rosemary added into the goat cheese, the flavors all combine and yet remain separate. The perfect combination of flavors and textures.

3. Persimmon Bacon Goat Cheese Salad

Persimmon Bacon Goat Cheese Salad
Persimmon Bacon Goat Cheese Salad (from Havocinthekitchen)

This is the perfect healthy salad that is filled with flavor, and yet simple enough to put together to help stick to those New Years Resolutions of eating healthy.

Who knew that the one fruit I avoided would taste so good when combined with bacon and Goat Cheese. Mix it all up with a serving of arugula or your favorite type of lettuce and you are set.

This salad will fill you up and keep you satisfied all day.

4. Persimmon Jam

Persimmon Jam Recipe for Canning
Persimmon Jam Recipe for Canning (from Attainable Sustainable)

I was thrilled to realize that I could turn my new favorite fruit into a jam that I could then enjoy all year long.

The jam has a fresh taste that reminds me of harvest season, when the persimmons finally ripen and are ready to be eaten. This recipe is simple and only uses simple spices that you already have, along with pectin.

The best thing is you will have jam that can then be used in other recipes that call for persimmons.

5. Quinoa-Vanilla Porridge

Quinoa-vanilla-porridge (from Taylor & Colledge)

Technically, this is a recipe where Persimmons are used as a topping choice, not a fully immersed ingredient.

However, when it comes to Persimmons, I have realized that if the delicious fruit can be added, then add it. Persimmons add a unique flavor that is really hard to fully describe, but tastes so good.

However, you could cut these great fruits up into smaller pieces and stir them into the porridge and be delighted with the flavor and the texture.

6. Persimmon Aperol Spritz

Persimmon Aperol Spritz
Persimmon Aperol Spritz (from A Beautiful Mess)

This is a classic cocktail that is not only gorgeous to look at, but delicious to drink also.

Made with Aperol, seltzer or club soda and sparkling wine. This is a simple, yet tasteful drink that is even better when you add in a slice of Persimmon fruit.

This Spritz drink is usually served as a before dinner drink. It is a light drink that is refreshing at the same time. It is not a filling drink and it is not so sweet that it takes away from the flavors of dinner.

7. Persimmon Oatmeal

Persimmon Oatmeal
Persimmon Oatmeal (from The Delicious Plate)

There is nothing like the flavor of adding persimmon fruit to a bowl of warm and filling oatmeal.

The persimmon actually adds to the flavor and when combined with spices such as cinnamon, ginger and turmeric, the flavor is boosted and it warms the senses as well as the tummy.

Hearty and healthy, breakfast comfort food for those cold winter mornings. This oatmeal can then be topped with additional persimmon slices, almond slivers and blueberries, or other fruit of your choice.

8. Delicata Squash Salad

Delicata Squash Salad
Delicata Squash Salad (from Lena’s Kitchen)

This is most definitely the perfect salad to make in the fall months. It is tasty and colorful, filled with so many flavors that you will get in each bite.

This is topped with a honey lime dressing that brings out flavors that you were not expecting. The salad is layered and filled with onion, persimmon, squash, pomegranate seeds and nuts.

All the best flavors that are also healthy and nutritious. It will not taste as though you are eating healthy.

9. Persimmon Bread

Persimmon Bread
Persimmon Bread (from This Healthy Table)

This is one of the most wonderful, flavorful bread recipes I have ever tasted.

This recipe can be made all year long, you can use freshly ripe persimmons, overly ripe persimmons or persimmons that you have frozen during harvest season. This is the perfect sweet bread for a snack in the afternoon or late evening.

The recipe includes simple ingredients already in your pantry. It is also versatile enough that you can add in nuts or other ingredients such as additional fruits.

10. Cranberry Persimmon CousCous

Cranberry Persimmon Couscous
Cranberry Persimmon Couscous (from Palatable Pastime)

A brand new recipe that I tried and fell in love with.

I was unsure of this at first, I have never had much luck with CousCous, however, when I combined the couscous with the persimmon and spices, along with onion, scallions and cranberries, I knew I was on to something special.

On top of that, I get so tired of the basic rice, potatoes or pasta. The CousCous was a pleasant change and the combination of flavors here were absolutely amazing!!

11. Persimmon and Hazelnut Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

Persimmon & Hazelnut Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting
Persimmon & Hazelnut Cinnamon Rolls (from Hannah Berry Makes)

While experimenting with all the possibilities of what Persimmons can improve the flavor of, my son asked for some cinnamon rolls.

Since I was in the process of drying some persimmons I had just brought home, I stopped to think of how I could add some of this special fruit into something as staple as Breakfast Cinnamon rolls.

What you get is a delightful fluffy cinnamon roll with the hint of persimmon fruit and a warmth I was not expecting.

12. Caramelized Persimmons with Vanilla Maple Cream

Caramelized Persimmons With Vanilla Maple Cream
Caramelized Persimmons With Vanilla Maple Cream (from Evergreen Kitchen)

It is truly fall when I have such an abundance of fruits and vegetables and a mind that is racing a million miles an hour.

There are so many food items that can be made with Persimmons and I settled for a very simple attempt with this one. However, it has become a favorite.

The caramelized taste on the persimmon fruit, topped with a vegan vanilla ice cream just sent my tastebuds to heaven.

This recipe is a true keeper, so simple and tasty!

13. Porridge with Coconut, Persimmon and Pomegranate

Porridge with Coconut, Persimmon and Pomegranate
Porridge with Coconut, Persimmon and Pomegranate (from EatSmarter)

Persimmons are an extra healthy fruit that actually helps with the digestive system and the nervous system. Persimmons also help boost energy.

When combined with the healthy amount of fiber in Porridge, along with the great benefits of Pomegranates, this breakfast food should be at the top of your list of meals.

This porridge includes chia seeds, coconut and dates. It is hard to get much more health in one bowl. This advances one step further due to all the flavor in the combination.

14. Caramelized Persimmons Dutch Baby Pancakes

Caramelized Persimmons Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe
Caramelized Persimmons Dutch Baby Pancake (from Salt & Wind)

Dutch Baby Pancakes are so tasty, and the perfect food to have during the cold weather, the hot weather and with any combination of fruit.

However, when I added the caramelized Persimmons, it took the Dutch baby pancake over the top with flavor.

The Dutch baby pancake is simply a pancake that resembles a souffle with the height it gets to and the crispy edges along with the deep bowl appearance that hold the perfect caramelized fruit.

15. French Green Bean Salad

French Green Bean Salad
French Green Bean Salad (from Sweet & Savory Meals)

A delicious combination of snow peas and french Green beans, mixed with persimmons and hazelnuts.

Drizzled with lemon and orange zest that gives this Green bean salad a delightful undertone of citrus. A slight crunch to go with the perfectly ripened beans and snow peas.

This dish is a perfect blend of sweet, savory and fresh. This is actually a very nice looking dish, that could easily be a side dish or even a vegan main meal.

16. Speck Wrapped Persimmons with Balsamic Honey Glaze

Speck-Wrapped Persimmons With Balsamic Honey Glaze Recipe
Speck-Wrapped Persimmons With Balsamic Honey Glaze (from Salt & Wind)

This is an appetizer you can make when many of the other fruits are unavailable as the most fresh tasting. In other words, during those times that fall has arrived and is not as abundant with fresh fruits.

Chunks of Sweet Persimmons wrapped with thin slices of Speck and then topped with Balsamic Honey Glaze. This is quite similar to prosciutto wrapped melon or bacon wrapped fruit.

However, persimmon can be found as on of the longest lasting fresh fruits.

17. American Persimmon Panna Cotta

American Persimmon Panna Cotta
American Persimmon Panna Cotta (from Tyrant Farms)

The sweet taste of Persimmons combined with the smooth and creamy texture of dairy is what makes this dessert the perfect mix.

It is best to use a method where you can remove the seeds from the American persimmons. With the addition of gelatin, and some pretty and clear bowls or cups, this dessert is one that will have everyone talking.

Nutmeg and maple syrup top the flavor and bring it over the top, to make this the perfect treat or snack.

18. Vegan Persimmon Chia Pudding

Vegan Persimmon Chia Pudding
Vegan Persimmon Chia Pudding (from Blend with Spices)

Chia Seed pudding is layered with fresh Persimmon pulp and turned into one of the most flavorful desserts or snacks that you have ever had.

Chia pudding is the perfect type of breakfast pudding that requires no cooking. It has a creamy ‘bubbly’ type texture and when mixed with the sweet taste of the pureed persimmons, this is the most unlikely of combinations that actually turns out perfect.

It takes just a few ingredients and then some refrigeration overnight and breakfast is ready when you are.

19. Persimmon Latte

Persimmon Latte (Hongshi Latte)
Persimmon Latte (Hongshi Latte) (from What Great Grandma Ate)

This is creamy and perfectly sweet, made into a perfect latter. This drink is great when served hot, and even better when it is served over ice and cold.

This is actually understandably one of the most popular lattes available in Korea. Flavored with cinnamon, Almond milk and Maple Syrup, the combination will leave you with a flavor that is astonishing, creamy and delightful.

Once the persimmons have been pureed, you can add espresso or strongly brewed coffee and make this your new morning latte.

20. Persimmons with Greek Yogurt and Pistachios

Persimmons with Greek Yogurt and Pistachios
Persimmons with Greek Yogurt and Pistachios (from Bon Appetit)

Once you have this made you will realize that it is simple and perfectly combined to bring you that sweet and creamy flavor.

The key to this great, yet simple dessert is to use the persimmons when they are perfectly healthy, otherwise the taste is a tad bitter. For this reason, you want them to be the perfect ripeness.

This will then match with the creamy texture of the Greek Yogurt. You will be pleasantly surprised at how delightful this is.

21. Vegan Persimmon Cinnamon Scuffins

Vegan Persimmon Cinnamon Scuffins
Vegan Persimmon Cinnamon Scuffins (from Nuts About Greens)

For me, this recipe came across as a combination of muffin crossed with a scone. Which is exactly what they are!

They are crispy on the outer portion, yet soft and somewhat moist on the inside. Using persimmons has kept these from becoming overly sweet. They are the perfect muffin, and also the best scone. The perfect breakfast, snack or treat.

What I like about these is that they are the same size as a large cookie. These also have what I call Fall spices, cinnamon and nutmeg.