Pie Iron Caprese Sandwich

24 Pie Iron Recipes to Bring Joy & Deliciousness to Your Life

One of the greatest outdoor experiences is camping in the wilderness, near the campfire, cozy in warm clothes waiting for a delicious meal to be cooked.

Campfire food is a must, regardless of whether you enjoy camping outdoors or you like the night out in your garden/yard with a campfire and closest friends to recharge your batteries and forget about the everyday responsibilities.

Whilst there is a wide variety of camping meals, most people tend to opt for something easy and fast to make. Cast Iron Pan recipes are ideal for these occasions as they can truly take your campfire game to the next level. If you are looking forward to enjoying a wide variety of camping meals, all you need is an iron pan and our delicious recipes!

Here we have rounded up a list of 24 Pie Iron Recipes that will bring joy and deliciousness to your life!

1. Cheesy, Delicious Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwich

Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwich
Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwich (from Potato Rolls)

This pie iron breakfast sandwich recipe by Potato Rolls is incredibly creamy and cheesy, with a crunchy outside and soft inside made from crumbled breakfast sausage, egg, and cheese.

This recipe requires only 6 common ingredients found in every kitchen (or outdoors picnic basket), and can be made in 6 super-easy steps, making it ideal for anyone looking to have a wholesome, delicious meal in no time!

2. Time for Pizza, No, Even Better, Time for Pie Iron Pizza Pockets!

Pie Iron Pizza Pockets
Pie Iron Pizza Pockets (from Fresh Off The Grid)

Who says you can’t have pizza while camping? Of course you can, just with a little twist! You make it in a pie iron! Actually, this makes it even better, especially if you are a fan of the crispy crust part of the pizza that makes it so crunchy!

With this recipe from Fresh Off The Grid, you get to make a personalized toppings pizza in a handy little pocket, outdoors entirely, right there on your campfire!

Quick, easy, fun for making, and even more delicious to eat, you need to try these if you love pizza!

3. Pie Iron Caprese Sandwich

Pie Iron Caprese Sandwich
Pie Iron Caprese Sandwich (from Bush Cooking)

Many of us love the classic Caprese flavors of tomato, mozzarella, and basil. What is not to like, this heavenly combination is yummy, healthy, and smells and tastes incredible. It’s a treat for all of your senses!

If you also are a fan of Caprese, you would love this version of Pie Iron Caprese Sandwich!

Combining the traditional technique of making pie iron sandwiches with the deliciousness of Caprese flavors inside, this Pie Iron Caprese Sandwich recipe is all you ever dreamed of!

As an additional tip, to avoid making the bread soggy, Bush Cooking recommends using a balsamic glaze rather than vinegar! Check it out!

4. Hobo Pie: The Simplest, Yet, Tastiest Pie Recipe On-the-go!

Hobo Pie
Hobo Pie: The Simplest Pie Recipe (from UnoCasa)

Typically on camping trips, we eat our pies cold, which is really shame as it loses a vital part of its attractiveness: that smell of freshly baked pie, the excitement as we wait for it to chill enough to be good to eat but not too cold, that first bite of the fresh, warm pie melting in our mouth… it’s amazing! That is what made us fall in love with pies in the first place!

Well, with this recipe you no longer have to taste cold pie!

The Hobo Pie, also known as mountain pie, truly is the simplest yet tastiest pie recipe as UnoCasa claims: it requires “just three ingredients, including bread, butter, and your favorite pie fillings” and a simple pie iron and you are good to go! In no time you will get to enjoy your favorite pie by the campfire!

5. Irresistible Campfire Pie Iron Quesadillas

Campfire Pie Iron Quesadillas
Campfire Pie Iron Quesadillas (from Frugal Family Times)

The beauty of pie irons lies in their diversity! Part of the reason why we love using them on camping trips is that they allow us to make incredible dishes like pizza pockets, pies, or even Quesadillas in no time, and as tasty as ever!

The second part is, they kick up a notch further making every food taste crunchy on the outside and melty on the inside! Including these lovely Campfire Pie Iron Quesadillas from Frugal Family Times.

Made from flour tortillas and melting cheese, paired with roasted red peppers, jalapenos, and mango salsa for that extra flavor, these Quesadillas are impossible to resist!

Don’t believe us? Try them and let us know how it goes!

6. Juicy and Tasty Mountain Monkey Bread From a Pie Iron

Mountain Monkey Bread for a Pie Iron
Mountain Monkey Bread for a Pie Iron (from Get Out Camping)

Wondering what unique, fun meal to prepare for breakfast? How about some Mountain Monkey Bread, fresh from a Pie Iron? What’s better to have while camping on a mountain than a Mountain Monkey Bread? Absolutely nothing!

Let the good-old, boring hotdogs have a rest, and give this Mountain Monkey Bread for a Pie Iron Recipe a try! Get Out Camping shares this delicious recipe with all of us, with a few tips: Go slow when cooking this bread and keep turning, checking often to see how it goes as tasty as they are, they burn quite easily!

Don’t let your family and friends down by allowing that sugar to go blackish-brown!

7. Easy Pie Iron Cinnamon Buns Recipe That Even Your Kids Can Prepare!

Pie Iron Cinnamon Buns Recipe
Pie Iron Cinnamon Buns Recipe (from Campfire Foodie)

If you think Cinnamon Buns are hard to resist, wait till you try these! Campfire Foodie shares this easy cinnamon buns recipe that you can try whenever you are out in the wilderness and crave something sweet and flavorsome!

Easy as a pie, the pie iron cinnamon buns can be done in 15 minutes, and all you need is some cinnamon buns (they used the Phillsbury Cinnamon Buns here), some non-stick cooking spray, and an iron pie! Just make sure that the campfire is small and at a low temperature to give the dough enough time to cook all the way through.

Don’t forget to flip it regularly and often! They are so easy to make, that even your kids can help with the preparation!

8. Wild Nature & Even Wilder Taste: Pudgie Pie Tasty Tacos

Pudgie Pie Tasty Tacos
Pudgie Pie Tasty Tacos (from Seeking the RV Life)

Tacos in an iron pie? :O Yes, that is possible!

Moreover, believe it or not, these taste even better than regular tacos! What is not to like: they are made from “delicious taco meat, ooey-gooey cheese, and other favorite fillings are melted together inside toasted flour tortillas.”

Seeking the RV Life are absolutely right when they say that your family will love these! Another great thing about this recipe is that you can prepare it even in your cozy home over your stove!

Seeking the RV Life further offer helpful tips, answer all the possible questions you may have, and give several versions with instructions! How neat is that?

9. Ready in Just 20-minutes: Pie Iron Stuffed Hashbrowns

Pie Iron Stuffed Hashbrowns
Pie Iron Stuffed Hashbrowns (from 50 Campfires)

You will probably be thrilled to learn that you can prepare and enjoy your favorite stuffed hashbrowns in 20 minutes, on your camping trips!

50 Campfires comes with this incredibly tasty recipe and advice us on how to prepare it ahead of time so everyone could just dish it up and go.

This way, everyone will be able to get right to the business of preparing them, and once the hashbrowns come out golden brown and ready to devour, enjoy them while admiring the incredible view of nature!

10. Strawberry Pie Iron Recipe for that extra sweetness on your trip!

Strawberry Pie Iron Recipe
Strawberry Pie Iron Recipe (from Outdoor Adventures Family)

Strawberries can make anything taste better and sweeter, including pie iron sandwiches! Quick and easy to make, this modern, campy twist of the classic strawberry sandwich is all you will need to know when you are craving something sweet on your trips.

Easy to make, with only 3 ingredients, the Outdoor Adventures Family shares this family-friendly recipe in whose preparation even kids can land a hand!

I mean, who doesn’t want to prepare their own Strawberry Pie Iron Sandwich? Right?!

11. Sweet Dessert On-the-go: Pie Iron Cinnamon Roll

Pie Iron Cinnamon Roll
Pie Iron Cinnamon Roll (from Bush Cooking)

Ready for dessert? Or perhaps some hot breakfast while camping? We have just the thing for you!

One of the easiest camping meals you could prepare is this pie iron cinnamon rolls from Bush Cooking cooked over your campfire’s coals! And by easy, we mean almost effortless to prepare as it involves using premade cinnamon rolls (store-bought mostly) and just cooking them over the fire!

It is an amazing activity and great for everyone looking for inspiration to get the younger children involved in the experience of cooking their own food while outdoors!

12. Explore The Outdoors and Your Cooking Skills With Breakfast Entry: Eggs in a Nest!

Breakfast Entry: Eggs in a Nest
Breakfast Entry: Eggs in a Nest (from Get Out Camping)

Do you believe that eggs for breakfast are superior? Yes? Then you will love this recipe from Get Out Camping!

Living up to their name and inspiring people to go outdoors and not only explore the wilderness but also their taste buds and test their agility both in outdoor activities and cooking, Get Out Camping shared this incredibly delicious and nutritious breakfast entry: eggs in a nest!

To make this recipe, which essentially is a bunch of breakfast favorites all bundled up in one little pie iron, you need frozen hash browns, eggs, shredded cheddar, salt, pepper, onion powder, and paprika, and of course a pie iron! Then you need to follow the super-simple 4 steps that Get Out Camping described on their blog and ta-daaaa! You have prepared a delicious, wholesome breakfast!

13. Luscious Berry Muffin Pie Iron

Berry Muffin Pie Iron Recipe
Berry Muffin Pie Iron Recipe (from Pie Irons & Campfires)

How can one not love and bless the inventor of pie irons when the pie irons help us prepare these luscious, out-of-this-world delicious Berry Muffins?

Who can say no to berry muffins?

Pie Irons & Campfires really have helped us ease our cooking with this uncomplicated blueberry muffin pie iron recipe: it only requires three ingredients and less than 10 minutes of cooking time! Moreover, you can cook over an open fire, so you don’t need to worry about packing up a lot of camping equipment just to enjoy a muffin!

Make your next camping experience a bit easier and a lot tastier by trying this recipe!

14. Mealty & Tasty Chili Cheese Dog Pudgy Pies

Chili Cheese Dog Pudgy Pies
Chili Cheese Dog Pudgy Pies (from Soup’s On with Schallock)

Chilli pudgy pies tend to be challenging, especially for newbies, as one can easily end up with soggy bread instead of delicious pie! Liquids are not our friends when it comes to cooking iron pies!

Nonetheless, you will not have to worry about that with these chili cheese dog pudgy pies by Soup’s On with Schallock! They have adjusted and amped up their chili cheese dog pudgy pie recipe with some homemade chili; this tiny adaptation has allowed them to transform their original chili recipe to be somewhat less spicy, and a lot less liquidy – just what we are looking for!

15. Fun-to-make & Incredibly Yummy Pie Iron Smores

Yummy Pie Iron Smores Recipe
Yummy Pie Iron Smores Recipe (from Campfire Foodie)

Did you know that the name smores, the popular, widely adored, arguably favorite camping treat, was actually a short version of the words “some more”? It became “s’mores” and some just say it as “smores”.

It makes sense, because what else can you say to a combination of roasted marshmallows, chocolate, and cookies? In our minds, when we hear this, all of us go with give me “some more” smores!

So, on your next trip, allow yourself to experiment with something sweet and yummy! This Pie Iron Smores recipe from Campfire Foodie is just what you were looking for to switch things up and effortlessly cook kids’ favorite camping treat.

16. Innovative and Creative Campfire Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Campfire Cinnamon Roll Waffles
Campfire Cinnamon Roll Waffles (from Dirty Gourmet)

These campfire cinnamon roll waffles are a great example of creativity; moreover, they further testify to the fact that cooking is just one big playground where we get to experiment and create wonderful new recipes!

Dirty Gourmet crew found themselves in trouble when they arrived with the premade dough in their bags in the camp and found out that campfires weren’t allowed. To avoid having the dough go to waste, they decided to get a little creative, and using a waffle pie iron over the camp stove managed to come up with these unbelievably delicious campfire cinnamon roll waffles.

Worth trying for sure! Turns out, sometimes, obstacles are just opportunities to get creative and invent new delicacies!

17. Fast, No-brainer Pie Iron Cherry Pie

Pie Iron Cherry Pie
Pie Iron Cherry Pie (from Campfire Foodie)

Can’t you just taste the sweet deliciousness of these wonderful pie iron cherry pies?! Moreover, it is super easy to make over the fire in no time!

The no brainer pie iron cherry pie from Campfire Foodie requires only three ingredients: cherry pie filling, Pillsbury flaky rolls ( or other you like), and whipping cream, ingredients which you can easily find in your local store; what’s more, these are all things that your kids love, and would probably enjoy participating in the cooking process.

18. Pie Iron Pizza Calzone to Die For!

Pie Iron Pizza Calzone
Pie Iron Pizza Calzone (from Beyond The Tent)

The best part about these pie iron pizza calzones is that they are super “quick, cheap and you really can’t screw it up.”, as Beyond The Tent themselves put it!

The ingredients are all store-bought, so their preparation won’t be an issue; the process of cooking is incredibly simple as Beyond The Tent has described it in their blog post.

These incredibly delicious pie iron pizza calzones will definitely win over your friends and kids! So start up your campfires, and let’s get cooking!

19. Mouth-watering S’more Pudgy Pie

S’more Pudgy Pie
S’more Pudgy Pie (from Taste of Home)

We absolutely agree with testers and Joanne Surfus’s statement that these s’more pudgy pies are “Simply sinful”! The image does not do them justice, they taste even better than they look!

With just 4 ingredients and in 2 straightforward, easy steps provided by Taste of Home, these S’more pudgy pies can be made in a pinch! Definitely, they are a must-try on your next camping trip.

20. Delightful, Picnic-ready Pie Iron Pancakes

Pie Iron Pancakes Recipe
Pie Iron Pancakes Recipe (from Cool of the Wild)

You probably have already seen amazing images of campfire pancakes that you just know taste incredible!

But as any other regular camper, you probably failed short in your attempts to make them, which made you feel frustrated.

Cool of the Wild shared that same frustration, until they came up with their own adaptation of a recipe for pie iron pancakes. Simple, in just four steps, this recipe is awesome! It just further confirms that pie irons are good for more than just roasted sandwiches!

21. Camp-friendly Pie Iron Hawaiian Pizza

Pie Iron Hawaiian Pizza
Pie Iron Hawaiian Pizza (from Food Network)

While this recipe may not be an earth-shattering idea, it sure tastes like it is out of this world!

If you are a fan of the salty-sweet combination of pineapple and ham, you will fall head over heels in love with this version of Pie Iron Hawaiian Pizza from Food Network!

You can do the preparation at home to save yourself time and trouble when camping, and just bring the ingredients packed and ready with you; that way, when you get there you will be ready to cook it five minutes each side and enjoy the tasty Hawaiian pizza – camping style with your family or friends!

22. Campfire Crescent Apple Pies That Taste Simply Amazing!

Campfire Crescent Apple Pies
Campfire Crescent Apple Pies (from Pillsbury)

Are you ready for some camping-friendly Crescent Apple Pies? Head to Pillsbury’s blog post to discover the recipe for these beauties!

Crunchy and delicious outside, soft, chewy inside made from sweet or sour apples, this are simply irresistible!

If you are not a fan of apples, don’t worry, we have the solution for you! You can switch the apples with chocolate feeling, jam, or anything else you fancy, either way, they will taste amazing!

Believe us, once you try these, they will become regulars on your camping menu!

23. Pizza Pie Iron Recipe For Camping – Pepperoni Grilled Cheese

Pepperoni Grilled Cheese
Pepperoni Grilled Cheese (from Reuse Grow Enjoy)

Pepperoni and Cheese combo is already superior for pizza toppings, but as it turns out, it works really well in pie irons as well!

As Reuse Grow Enjoy themselves put it, “this recipe for pepperoni grilled cheese lets you enjoy that campfire taste and take care of your craving for pizza” at once!

So the next time your kids start complaining that they are tired of veggies or hot dogs on your camping trip, prepare these pie iron pepperoni Grilled Cheeze pies and prove to them that camping can be fun and tasty!

24. The Perfect Pie Iron S’mores Sandwiches For Your Camping Trip!

Pie Iron S’mores Sandwiches
Pie Iron S’mores Sandwiches (from Camping Answer)

Camping trips are blessed to be accompanied by pie iron S’mores sandwiches. Can you really say that you had the entire camping experience without having made and tasted these lovely sandwiches?

Of course not! So on your next trip, give these Pie Iron S’mores Sandwiches from Camping Answer a try! You will love them, we guarantee! Just remember, with these, patience is a virtue. You want to place your pie iron close enough to the flame so that the sandwich gets nice and toasted but not so close that it will scorch– and then turn, turn, turn.

Patience truly is a virtue!

Final Thoughts

Which one would you try first? Try any of these on your next camping trip, and let us know how it goes!