30 Best Spring Soup Recipes For You To Enjoy

30 Best Spring Soup Recipes For You To Enjoy

Soups are a staple meal in many homes. Soups can be hearty and satisfying, they can be light and refreshing. Simple or complicated, either way soups can be served as a meal in itself or as a side to any type of meal.

Soup also makes a perfect lunch or late night snack. Soups can be served hot, and some are served cold.

Spring Soups are known to be refreshing and delicious without being heavy. Simply put, Spring soups are soups that are made with ingredients that are only available fresh for a short amount of time.

1. Simple Spring Greens Soup

Simple Spring Greens Soup
Simple Spring Greens Soup (from Paleo Running Momma)

This soup is filled with chunky foods, good fats and healthy carbohydrates. This soup also fits a Paleo diet.

Complete with potatoes, peas and other Spring vegetables, this soup is truly a pleasant and delightful soup that can be enjoyed in the Spring. It can also help jumpstart the weight loss plan in the new year.

This is a soup that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It is loaded with healthy greens.

2. Spring Pea Soup Recipe

Spring Pea Soup Recipe
Spring Pea Soup Recipe (from Edgehill Community)

This soup actually has a clean taste for the Springtime enjoyment of eating.

The difference with this soup versus a split pea soup is that this one is going to taste delicious when chilled down. The major ingredients are all green and when combined, will bring out the flavor in the others.

Not all soups need to be served hot and this one is going to show you that the statement is the truth.

This one is delightfully refreshing and tasty!

3. Spring Minestrone

Spring Minestrone
Spring Minestrone (from Real Simple)

This healthy soup only takes 30 minutes to cook, and is filled with tasty Spring greens as well as other much loved ingredients.

A simple broth will bring the flavors of leeks, green beans, and Swiss Chard all together and will taste delightfully sinful.

I do suggest using a good quality broth for this soup in order to emphasize all the flavors together.

However, you could also make your own Soup Broth to ensure that it is clean and contains only what you want.

4. Grandma’s Asparagus Soup

Grandma's Asparagus Soup Recipe
Grandma’s Asparagus Soup Recipe (from 30 Seconds)

When it comes to feeling better and eating healthy, one soup is sure to help that when Spring rolls around.

Grandma’s Asparagus soup is a perfect way to feel healthy and put a little hop into your step.

This Asparagus soup is one that will help kick in healthy eating patterns which will lead to weight loss, muscles building and an all over healthy attitude.

This soup is perfect for either lunch or dinner.

5. Cream Of Asparagus Soup

Cream Of Asparagus Soup
Cream Of Asparagus Soup (from How Sweet Eats)

Asparagus is one of those foods that will naturally make you feel better, feel lighter and still manage to fill you up.

Cream of Asparagus Soup takes the Asparagus and adds in a cream that is smooth, tasty and filling. The soup is bright, refreshing, has a touch of citrus and will make you feel good.

This soup is truly like Spring in a bowl. The Cream of Asparagus Soup will put a smile on your face.

6. 3 Onion Alphabet Soup

Three Onion Alphabet Soup
Three Onion Alphabet Soup (from Better Homes And Gardens)

Three types of onions make this soup taste perfect. This soup combines Sweet Vidalia onions with leeks and Spring onions to create one of the best flavors you have ever had.

This soup is one that you will even get kids to eat once you add in some alphabet pasta shapes.

The flavor of the sweet onion pops when you add the basil and lemon. This soup is perfect when served with Garlic Cheese bread.

7. Spring Chicken and Dumplings Soup

Spring Chicken And Dumplings
Spring Chicken And Dumplings (from Craving California)

Turning a classic soup into a refreshing Spring tasting soup is what you will get from this recipe.

Chicken and Dumplings was a soup that was made often as I grew up, so when I found a way to turn this into a Spring Soup I was in heaven.

All it takes is to add in Asparagus, leeks and peas with parsley and Chives to create a light soup that is great tasting.

8. Asparagus Soup

Asparagus Soup
Asparagus Soup (from The Mom 100)

There is nothing that quite matches up to the taste of a light and refreshing Asparagus Soup.

By adding in a few other select ingredients, this soup is going to give you one of the best meals for any time of day. This soup features one of the best Spring Vegetables combined into a creamy soup.

This soup is the best first course to add to any meal. You can adjust for the thickness of the soup, make it to how thick or thin that you want it.

9. Spring Matzo Ball Soup

Spring Matzo Ball Soup
Spring Matzo Ball Soup (from Savory Online)

When it comes to a classic Matzo Ball Soup, this soup is the perfect twist and turns it into a Springtime soup.

When you add loads of Springtime vegetables into this soup and make some classic Matzo Balls you will be pleasantly surprised with the flavor you get.

It is a complete twist to what you grew up with. With leek, asparagus and peas as the main vegetables the taste is perfectly blended.

10. Tofu Soup

Tofu Soup
Tofu Soup (from The Plant Based School)

Tofu is one of those ingredients used to replace meat and used as protein in many dishes. When you combine it into soup, the taste is surprisingly pleasant.

This is considered to be a Springtime Soup, however, it is the perfect soup for any time of the year. Add your favorite vegetables to make this one of your favorites all year long.

Add in some ginger red pepper and garlic with the leeks, onions and mushrooms and it is the best.

11. Springtime Chicken, Spinach and Sugar Snap Pea Soup

Springtime Chicken, Spinach And Sugar Snap Pea Soup (from Dairy Farmers Of Canada)

This soup personifies Springtime with all the delicious ingredients included.

The Chicken is tender and juicy and the spinach and sugar snap peas heighten the feel of Spring in this delicious Chicken Soup. The soup is creamy and made with very thin egg noodles.

This soup is going to delight you at any meal. This soup, even with a creamy base is not heavy, it has a light taste to it.

12. Quick Spring Minestrone Soup

Quick Spring Minestrone Soup
Quick Spring Minestrone Soup (from Sainsbury’s)

Minestrone Soup made with more of the Spring vegetables than the classic heavy and hearty vegetables normally used in this soup.

This soup uses smoked pancetta, frozen mixed vegetables and your favorite pasta, this soup is filling, yet light and tasty. Not all soups need to be hearty and heavy. T

his minestrone soup is refreshingly tasty and warm. If pancetta is not available, you could use bacon, or even Turkey bacon in place of the pancetta.

13. Split Pea and Lamb Soup

Split Pea And Lamb Soup Recipe
Split Pea And Lamb Soup Recipe (from The Herbeevore)

This is one soup that is hearty, filling and has a super great flavor to it. It is made with a Springtime flair to make it even more tasty.

You can meal prep this soup, make a single batch for lunch or dinner and use it for a starter course for other foods. The soup is loaded with root vegetables and lamb shank to make a delicious combination of flavors.

This is a great twist on an old time classic dish.

14. Ten Minute Vegetable and Noodle Soup

10 Minute Vegetable Noodle Soup
10 Minute Vegetable Noodle Soup (from Beat The Budget)

A great tasting soup made in a minimal amount of time but filled with flavor and the perfect noodles.

You can make this soup with healthy ingredients and have it done in under ten minutes.

The Ten Minute Vegetable and Noodle Soup contains rice noodles, a ton of healthy and nutritious vegetables and a savory taste from the soy sauces and mushrooms that are used.

15. Creamy Spring Onion Soup

Creamy Spring Onion Soup
Creamy Spring Onion Soup (from Chris Foods)

The way this soup is made is going to surprise you, but it will turn out to be the best soup you have tasted.

You are going to use frozen peas, grated cauliflower and a tub of Spring onion dip. The potatoes are going to help make this creamy and filling and perfect for any day or night of the week.

This soup is best when served with shredded wheat crackers with a light Spring onion Spread on them. This is the same as the dip used to make the soup.

16. Tomato Soup Recipe

Tomato Soup Recipe (Homemade & Easy)
Tomato Soup Recipe (Homemade & Easy) (from Veg Recipes Of India)

This easy recipe will make a creamy and rich tomato soup that is sure to please at any meal.

Zesty fresh tomatoes and rich, thick cream will turn this into a velvety smooth meal for any time of year.

This soup is tried and true and is best when served with crusty bread or crisp croutons. Tomato soup is fresh and has a bold flavor of tomatoes fresh in the springtime.

17. Healthy Potato And Bean Soup

Healthy Potato And Bean Soup (Vegan)
Healthy Potato And Bean Soup (Vegan) (from Lavender And Macarons)

When you use fresh potatoes and combine it with the fresh taste of Pinto beans, you come up with a soup that is not only healthy, it is savory, hearty and filling.

This is a vegan soup that can be made in 30 minutes or less. When combined with a tasty vegetable broth, this soup is perfect for the Spring or winter.

It will be a tasty and delicious meal replacement if you are attempting to lose weight.

18. Vegetarian Tortellini Soup

Vegetarian Tortellini Soup Recipe
Vegetarian Tortellini Soup Recipe (from Recipes.Net)

Sticking with fresh Spring vegetables, this soup is one to keep in the forefront of your files.

This is a soup that is going to please everyone in your family. This will be the perfect soup as a meal replacement or as a first course to a meal.

Loaded with peas and asparagus, this soup is filling and healthy.

Even the kids are going to love this soup and the flavor they get from it.

19. Olia Hercules Springtime

Olia Hercules’ Springtime Recipes
Olia Hercules’ Springtime Recipes (from The Guardian)

This recipe is actually for Nettles, garlic and Sorrel soup.

These ingredients that come together in a savory broth will not only delight and fill each person that tastes it, it will fill them up and supply them with a load of health and nutrition in a very easy recipe.

This soup came to be back when it was popular to forge for much of your food. Places like Ukraine are seeing a resurgence of this delicious soup.

20. Instant Pot Vegetable Soup

Instant Pot Vegetable Soup
Instant Pot Vegetable Soup (from Green Healthy Cooking)

This soup is so quick and easy to make it is nutritious and nourishing. But, better than that, it is super tasty!

You can get a delicious soup that is healthy and yummy made in a very short time by using the Instant Pot.

Loaded with cauliflower, zucchini, carrot, celery and even added chickpeas for an extra boost.

All these flavors combined with Kale make this an explosion of flavor in a bowl.

21. Pasta e Piselli with Little Meatballs

Soup’s On
Soup’s On (from Minnesota Monthly)

Pasta and peas is actually a classic dish in Italy. This can be made as a pasta dish and also as a soup.

Filled with vegetables and a great broth turn this into a healthy and flavorful soup. This soup is served with tasty little meatballs to make this a complete type of meal. It is definitely a soup for the spring, filled with nutrition and flavor.

Ground Chicken will give this soup a boost of flavor and healthiness.

22. Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque
Lobster Bisque (from Canadas Food Island)

Lobster Bisque is a smooth and creamy style soup with loads of great seasoning and large chunks of lobster meat.

This soup is a crowd pleaser and is actually pretty easy to make. This version is light and refreshing versus the thick heavy cream of normal Bisque Soup.

Lobster Bisque is often served as a starter in many meals that are served in courses. The bisque is filled with carrots, celery and onions and tomato paste to give an extraordinary flavor.

23. Slow Cooker Creamy White Bean Noodle Soup with Rosemary Bacon

Slow Cooker Creamy White Bean Noodle Soup With Rosemary Bacon
Slow Cooker Creamy White Bean Noodle Soup With Rosemary Bacon (from Half Baked Harvest)

With a name that long this soup is not short on flavor. It is also not difficult to make.

This delicious soup includes a ton of fresh-tasting vegetables and sweet and savory spices to bring it all together. The Kale adds a hint of bitterness, yet the butternut squash will even the bitter out with the touch of sweetness it brings.

Be sure to use thick cut bacon to provide the amount of flavor needed.

24. Creamy Sorrel Soup Vegan

Creamy Sorrel Soup Vegan Gluten Free Recipe
Creamy Sorrel Soup Vegan Gluten Free Recipe (from Planted 365)

A rich and tangy type of soup that is filled with Sorrel.

This soup also uses many other Springtime vegetables to add even more of a great flavor combination. This soup is also one of the most economical combinations of ingredients that you could find anywhere.

Sorrel is a great green leafy vegetable that is going to up the flavor of a delicious soup. Sorrel is an easy to grow leafy green that you can plant in your own garden.

25. Green Borscht

Green Borscht (Sorrel Soup)
Green Borscht (Sorrel Soup) (from iFoodReal)

This soup is also known as Sorrel Soup. It is made with a green leafy vegetable that is easy to plant and grow in your own garden.

The soup is loaded with greens, potatoes, other vegetables and meat. It is highly popular in Ukraine and surrounding areas.

Green Borscht is a cousin of the traditional Borscht recipe and is considered a delicacy. The soup contains eggs, pork, potatoes, carrots and onion.

All combined in a broth that is homemade.

26. Taro Soup with Arugula and Turkey Meatballs

Taro Soup with Arugula And Turkey Meatballs
Taro Soup with Arugula And Turkey Meatballs (from Yummy Addiction)

This is a warm and comforting soup that you will be pleased to have in a bowl any time of the day or night.

This is filled with chunky vegetables and the broth is flavored with tender taro root. The addition of perfectly seasoned Turkey meatballs enhances this warm and comforting soup.

Considered a Spring Soup, this recipe can be made year round, if you can find the needed ingredients that are fresh.

27. Trout Soup With Cilantro

Trout Soup With Cilantro
Trout Soup With Cilantro (from The Star)

This warm bowl of comfort is made with fish stock and chunks of Trout filets.

Combined with Spinach and Cilantro along with perfect seasonings, a touch of red pepper will give just a slight kick to the soup and all those that you serve this to are going to be happy and satisfied.

This is not a common soup, as it is most often considered for the springtime and is delicious.

28. Broccoli Cauliflower Soup

Broccoli Cauliflower Soup
Broccoli Cauliflower Soup (from That Low Carb Life)

This soup is a combination that is creamy and comforting and perfect for cool nights.

The base of the soup is a thick and creamy broth and bacon added to it makes it savory and tasty.

Broccoli and Cauliflower soup is a healthy soup in comparison with many others. Red pepper flakes add a touch of heat to the base of the soup and warms you up from the inside out.

29. Healing Carrot, Ginger and Turmeric Soup

Healing Carrot Ginger Turmeric Soup (Vegan)
Healing Carrot Ginger Turmeric Soup (Vegan) (from The Yummy Bowl)

This creamy carrot, ginger and turmeric soup is a warm soup that is full of flavor and multiple healing properties.

With a great combination of Turmeric, ginger and an assortment of vegetables, this is an easy to make one pot meal.

Another bonus for this soup is that it is dairy free, gluten free and vegan.

This soup recipe is one to hang onto as it is great to make to help with all those annoying viruses.

30. Refreshing Cold Strawberry Soup

Refreshing Cold Strawberry Soup
Refreshing Cold Strawberry Soup (from Romance The Recipe)

There are multiple soup recipes that can be served as cold soups, however, this one is likely to be the best tasting and sweetest soup you have ever had.

This soup is perfect for those hot summer days when it is too hot outside to cook, or you simply have no ambition to do anything with the heat.

This soup is super easy to make, combining strawberries with yogurt and adding in some mango puree and mint. This will give you a flavor that is extraordinary.